Tips for Winning at Blackjack




Playing the game of blackjack requires an understanding of the game's rules, its objective and even various strategies that are available to help with gaining an advantage on the dealer and other players who may be betting against you. Although blackjack requires a bit of luck to win consecutively, having a clear understanding of the rules, player choices available and different strategies that can help you to go ahead is highly recommended regardless of whether you plan to play the game for fun or for a real cash prize.


Understanding the Rules

Before you can expect to win each hand of blackjack, reviewing and memorizing the rules of the game is required to have the best chance at succeeding, especially if you plan to bet real money. Review casino rules of the game before you bet chips or real cash against others to ensure you are clearly focused and you are not confused about how to play before you begin.


Knowing Your Options

As a player in a blackjack game, there are many options to choose from when it is your turn to determine your fate in the hand. Whether you choose to "stand", "hit", "surrender", "split" or even "double down", knowing the definitions of all of the player options available will help you to make the right decision.


Practice Using Alternative Methods to Improve Your Skills

Learning blackjack and developing strategies on your own is possible with the assistance of online casinos and by playing virtual blackjack games from home. Playing blackjack games online can help to learn variations of the game without betting real money before you improve your skills and gain experience with betting virtual money against others.


Choose Your Table Wisely

When you enter a casino where there is blackjack, choosing your table wisely can greatly improve your chances of walking away as a winner. Carefully eye the available blackjack tables when you sit down to place your bet. Choose a table that seems fast-paced, yet relaxing and welcoming. Avoid tables with drunk players, high rollers who seem to place big bets without many losses and even obnoxious tables with loud guests, which may ultimately become a distraction if you are playing for keeps.


Learning to Count Cards

Although frowned upon in many institutions, learning to count cards to get familiar with the traditional deck of 52 cards can help when playing blackjack, especially if you are planning to place an insurance bet against the dealer. It is possible to learn to count cards by reading books and guides in addition to viewing online tutorials that are available. Counting cards is not always guaranteed and oftentimes only helps if you are presented with the opportunity to place an insurance bet after sitting at a blackjack table for a few rounds with the same dealer and number of players.


Knowing When to Split

Avoid splitting if you are holding two 10s or any card variation that equals 20. The odds of the dealer winning against you dramatically increases when you choose to split two 10 cards as opposed to holding onto a solid 20. The best number to split with is when splitting eights, giving you the best opportunity to save your money and win in at least one of your hands. Additionally, avoid splitting two five cards and instead ask to double down with one more card (as you will have a total of 10 without the following card being drawn).


Insurance Tips

Unless you are capable of counting cards, avoid taking an insurance bet, even if it is offered and available at the table you have joined. Because an insurance bet is a side bet from the game itself, there is more of a risk that you will lost even more money unless you consider yourself an expert at counting cards and if you have been sitting at the table for an extended period of time.